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October 1st Meeting

Publishing Your Family History
The clutter of photos, documents, records and stories often makes sense to those of us who have done the hard work to make the connections and build the family trees, but appear as clutter and an overwhelming task to understand.  Additionally our family heritage can be a very fragile thing if it remains as original photos or documents.  Disasters can wipe away centuries in a few moments and the deaths of those who remember the stories or the people can destroy the content of photographs and documents if it's not passed on.  Organizing one’s work into various tangible and reproducible media is a great way to make the work live on and at the same time greatly reduce the risk of losing the irreplaceable.
Eric Wells has been active in genealogical research since 2008.  His latest endeavor, Legacy Left Right, focuses on assisting family researchers in DNA genealogy and how to organize and present in a coherent and publishable format.  As well as being active in the local genealogy society, he is also the Education Co-Coordinator for the NextGen Genealogy Network.

Genealogy KC

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Ancestry Academy (free)


Short Course Videos Added to
Ancestry Academy

Ancestry Academy started something new. We published the first five videos in a new series written by our team of Academy experts and presented by outside talent. This is an exciting and different format from our previous long course structure.
The new courses are brief, but targeted, and more like the lessons within each of our full courses. Check out the new shorter courses here, where the topics include:
  • Pre-1850 Censuses
  • 1850 Census: An Introduction
  • 1880 Census: An Overview
  • 1890 Census: Where is It?
  • Introduction to the 1940 Census
Another recent change is that there are now very short, focused tutorials hosted directly on Person Profile pages and in other areas of Ancestry. Look for the "Tutorials" button when it appears in the lower right corner of the page. This links you directly to videos pertinent to that page, as well as to other content we think you might be interested in. The tutorials are also available under Getting Started on the Academy Home Page.
If you bookmark the Recently Added page and use it as your jumping off point each time you visit the site, you'll always see what's been published most recently. If you want to keep on top of our new Short Course Videos, you can bookmark them as well for faster access.
At this point on Ancestry Academy, there are at least 55 expert-led courses, plus 23 one-minute tutorials and the new Short Course Videos—with more of all in the pipeline! So there's a lot of great content to explore. We're pretty sure you'll learn something new.

November 5th Meeting

Genealogy through Google Earth, Part One
Google Earth is a free computer software allowing you to see a 3D imagery of the globe.  Using geographic information found in Deeds and addresses from sources such as Census data, you can visually document your family’s history.  Taking a GPS enabled device to the family cemetery you can mark the final resting place of your family members.  Google Earth has worlds (sorry for the pun) of potential ways to document and share your family’s discoveries in a fun and interactive way that all generations can enjoy.  Come check out this demonstration and discover some creative ways to tell your family’s stories.
Eric Stitt is 34 and married with two little girls.  He has traveled the world growing up in the military, and in the military himself for the last 16 years.  His favorite way to present all his findings to family, friends, and anyone wanting to know has been through Google Earth and all it has to offer.  He has been using Google Earth for over 8 years both in family research and in the military.

Labeling Pictures

The Missouri State Genealogy Association Messenger has a helpful article on digitally labeling pictures.  Click here for the article.

January 7th Meeting

:                 “Hats Off to Our Ancestors:  A Light-Hearted Look at Lineage Societies
– or – Mary’s Very, Very Bad Hair Day!”
          If you immediately think of the Mayflower Society, the Jamestown Society, and the Daughters of the American Revolution when you hear the words “lineage society," be forewarned that you are just aware of the tip of the iceberg.  There are hundreds of societies based on the events, ethnicities, and occupations of our ancestors.  Membership and all it entails is not the only benefit that most of these organizations have to offer.  Since their focus is on a particular event, occupation, or era, the related historical information that they have accumulated throughout their years of existence, may hold the key to the secret door in your “brick wall”.  This is true for minor as well as for major lineage societies.  This program, may lead you to a lineage society that perfectly fits your research needs.  The journey through this presentation will be anything but serious. Please be kind; Mary is putting her dignity on the line to help you zero in on this rare find!
          Mary Celeste inherited not only her DNA but her fascination with genealogy from her father, who started researching his ancestors the “old fashioned way” many years ago, and she was privileged to grow up surrounded by family artifacts and enthralling story tellers.  She finds her greatest genealogy–related pleasure in uncovering and sharing the stories of those who came before and through whom she has been granted the many blessings and benefits of living in the United States of America. 
          Mary received her Master’s Degree in Library and Information Science from the University of Missouri/Columbia in 1992.   She had the privilege of working twenty plus years at the Mid-Continent Public Library, the majority of those as the Branch Manager of the Boardwalk Branch in Kansas City, North.  Her association with MCPL gave her the opportunity to serve on the Genealogy Committee and to chair the Local History Committee of the American Library Association and to serve on the associated committees of the Missouri Library Association, as well as membership in the National Genealogy Society, the Genealogical Speaker’s Guild, and the Association of Professional Genealogists (non-certified). 
          She currently serves as the Vice President of the Northland Genealogy Society and has returned to the Board of the Missouri State Genealogical Association as a member of the Nominating Committee.  In addition to the joys of a large, active family (one wonderful husband, four amazing children, and ten delightful grandchildren all close to home), she devotes whatever time is left to untangling some developing mysteries (through DNA results) in her own family and researching the history of segregated education in Missouri, the Banneker School of Parkville, Missouri, and the students who attended that segregated facility - a truly humbling experience.

February 4th Meeting

Genealogy through Google Earth: Part Two
Have you used Google Earth before?  Well come check out this course where I share with you tips and tricks to adding your family history to this interactive program.  In this Part II class I will talk and demonstrate some techniques to overlaying plat maps; mapping out a cemetery; and even some html coding.  Come prepared to take your Genealogy Through Google Earth to the next level.
Eric Stitt is 34 and married with two little girls.  He has traveled the world growing up in the military, and in the military himself for the last 16 years.  His favorite way to present all his findings to family, friends, and anyone wanting to know has been through Google Earth and all it has to offer.  He has been using Google Earth for over 8 years both in family research and in the military.

March 4th Meeting

                                                            Beginning Mistakes - Tips & Tricks to Keep from Tripping Up

While mistakes are an expected part of any learning process, it's nice to have some wisdom born of experience to make the journey a bit easier.  This class packed with ways to avoid costly mistakes - both in time and money - when researching your ancestors, reviewing the records you found, and recording the results.  Take away a bag of good ideas to use in your next genealogy adventure.
Beth discovered her love of genealogy through her father, who built a 115-name family tree with every family member’s name he knew. While Beth continues to research her family, she shares her knowledge through lectures, articles, her blog, and one-on-one assistance.
"As a professional genealogy speaker, I come to each speaking engagement  knowing I have the opportunity to share information and experiences about a subject I truly love. All of my classes are based on original research and filled with personal examples and anecdotes. I enjoy learning from the attendees when the circumstances permit."

April 1st Meeting

Missouri State Archives: Where History Begins
As the official repository for state government records, the Missouri State Archives holds an abundance of genealogical resources.  This session will provide you with an overview of the records available for research at the archives (over 65,000 reels of county records on microfilm in addition to the multitude of state records),  as well as provide information on how to do distance research at the archives by using  online databases or submitting research requests.
Christina Miller is the Senior Reference Archivist at the Missouri State Archives.  Christina graduated from Truman State University with a Bachelor of Arts in History and also holds a Masters of Archival Studies from the University of British Columbia School of Library, Archival and Information Studies. She previously worked as an Electronic Records Archivist with the Records Management Division of the Missouri Secretary of State’s Office.

May 6th Meeting

Kathleen Brandt will be our speaker.  She will be speaking on migration paths.

June 3rd Meeting

       "To DNA or Not to DNA: That Is the Question?"
Is your head spinning with questions and confusion over DNA?  This program will focus in on the three primary tests that are done, the results you can expect from each, who is the best candidate to be tested, and which of the major DNA companies are your best choice to give you results which will help you solve your genealogical mysteries.
Sharlene Miller, a certified genealogist for 15 years, has been doing genealogical research since 1976.  She has been doing genealogy for clients for 20 years.  She graduated from the University of Idaho with a B.S. and an M.S. both in scientific fields which provided educational experience in using DNA testing for various scientific studies.  This background has been very helpful for her understanding in using DNA testing to solve genealogical problems and to confirm traditional research.  She is very interested in using the latest technology in her genealogical research.

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