Northland Genealogical Society
Northland Genealogy Society
**Until further notice all meetings / programs will be held virtually.**
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February 5th 2022 Meeting

Ethics for Genealogists:DNA and Social Media
by Kathleen Brandt
 Asking relatives to take a DNA test or contacting someone with your DNA results can be touchy. Kathleen Brandt will explore how to use DNA research ethically and the appropriate way to share your research on social media.
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*Special Interest Groups Are Starting Again!*
**>>>Expanding Focus<<<**
Lineage Application Special Interest Group
The group is expanding its focus to explore "First Family" and similar programs.
Next Meeting February 7, 2022 7PM 
If interested in joining please contact Mary Celeste at
Please see the Members section for  further details
**>>>Brand New Special Interest Group<<<**
Brick Wall Special Interest Group Meeting
Evening meeting:  January 10, 2022 at 7PM
Day meeting: January 12, 2022 at 10AM 
Please see the Members section for  further details
DNA Special Interest Group Meeting
Evening meeting:   7PM
Day meeting:  10AM  
Please see the Members section for further details
Writers Special Interest Group Meeting
January 19, 2022  7PM
Via Zoom
Please see the Members section for  further details
Special Interest Groups are a members only benefit.
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Non-members may attend one meeting to see if this is a group of interest. 
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Universal Class is an on-line learning class that has many subjects.  There is one on genealogy called Genealogy 101.  It has 13 lessons and 28 exams.  You will need your library card and to register for a free acoount.  Click here.